Posted on 06 February 2017

Growing up as a kid and living between Bali and Australia, I never really considered travel to be high on my lists of things I wanted to do on a monthly basis - it was just something that needed to be done. However, after a few years of hard work in my late 20's, the craving to travel and escape the norm kicked in and I discovered that electricity of excitement the night before a trip or that early morning wake up call for the airport. I can't describe the emotion exactly but it kicks in every time I pack my suitcase even if it's just a couple nights on one of the islands. In the last year alone I have been to over 12 different countries and can safely say that planning ahead will make the difference between a good trip and a spectacular one. So here are my top tips for travelling to on a tropical holiday:

1. Dress smart but comfortably.

Far more doors of opportunities open for the man whom dresses in style! If you're flying in from a cold climate bring a second change of clothes in your carry on. An hour before landing, get changed, freshen up, and I guarantee you will look and feel twice as good than every other chum on the plane. I suggest rolling up a t shirt, wearing a linen shirt unbuttoned on top and a pair of walk shorts as pictured below.    

2. Keep all important documents in one spot.

It's absolutely critical to make sure you run through the list BEFORE jumping into a cab for the airport. Remember, most countries require at least 6 months minimum on your passport, especially tropical & developing nations, so make sure you check that passport expiry date in advance.

3. Drink lots of water.

Throughout the trip, constantly sip on water as once you land in that tropical paradise chances are you'll start losing a lot of through sweat, and the want to replace your lost fluids with a cold beer will overcome your desire to catch up on your water intake for the day.

4. Avoiding tummy aches.

Chicken meat is just one of those meals you don't want to have just before getting on a plane or out on the streets. Avoid the "Bali-belly" and just skip the chicken unless it's come out piping hot. Another common cause of holiday stomach ache is actually the MSG in street food and the preservatives in beer. It's hard for some to hear this but Bintang beer (Bali/Indonesia) is one of the worst offenders of excessive preservatives. It has been said that you can put a Bintang in a time capsule and it will still be good to drink in 5 years' time. I switched to San Miguel and have had no problems since. Also, coconuts are a great way to avoid dehydration and up the electrolytes, especially if you have had a few too many drinks the night before.

5. Smile and respect the locals.

Don't act like a tool to locals just because you're dropping a whole lot of dollars in their country. Smile a lot and speak to them how you would like to be spoken to, and lose the simplified broken English accent as they understand way more than you think. If you're bargaining over 50 cents just drop it, if you can afford to drink cocktails then you can afford the extra 50 cents. Remember to smile, it's a hard habit to start if you're used to big city vibes but try, it will pay off. 

6. Bring insect repellant and sun block.

Most of the destinations where you wear Hawaiian shirts generally have Dengue Fever or another mosquito borne disease so avoid that by wearing lots of insect repellant. Sun block is a big must unless the dried prune face at 35 is making a comeback.

7. Drive safely & wear helmets.

Walk shorts - check! Crisp white shirt - check! Helmet, pfft.. Please don't be this idiot, we all know most tropical countries tend to have motorbikes as a means of getting around so drive safely, for yourself and others. Also, insurance will NOT cover you if you have an accident whilst unlicensed or not wearing a helmet so that can be $200-300k just for Medivac because you felt too hipster to wear one. Canggu visitors should especially take note!  

8. Wear more linen.

I can't stress it enough how comfortable 100% Linen clothes are to wear on hot humid days in the tropics. We have a great range of 100% Linen shirts & shorts. Linen shirts and pants are worth every penny when you're walking around like tropical royalty among poly-cotton wearing plebs. Long live the king!    

What are your best travel tips? If you have any comments, just leave them below.

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